Splendid Days

Splendid Days is a before and after school program (open from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.) that complements all of the school's educational programs and provides additional learning opportunities in an informal environment for students of all ages. All ABC-Stewart students are eligible for this program.


We are very pleased that you have chosen Splendid Days Enrichment Program for your child. We are committed to enriching your child's school life through FUN as well as educational activities. The staff at Splendid Days Enrichment realize the importance of a BALANCED life.

Often, adults begin to recognize that something is missing in their own otherwise successful albeit very fast paced lifestyles when they neglect to place enough importance on this factor. The high numbers of workshops and seminars offered for re-teaching the value of PLAY to adults attest to the fact that RECREATION is an integral component to HAPPINESS AND SELF-FULFILLMENT. It should not be considered separate and subordinate to the academic and work commitments rather, blended with these commitments to make the WHOLE LIFE more enjoyable. A person will not eat a bland meal with much enthusiasm, so sometimes the carefully planned nutritional value is wasted. In this analogy, you have only to add the spice and sweeteners to appreciate the main course (academics and work) to its fullest. We teach the child the importance of infusing all of his activities with a playful spirit instead of trudging through a task to get it over with so that the business of play can commence.

It is notable that lately a book about measuring the emotional quotient has captured so much interest. The author maintains that studies show the most successful, happy, creative and well-adjusted person possesses high EQ. This is a measure of a person's ability to interact with others for the greater good. This entails providing his gifts and special talents as well as appreciating other's gifts and talents and, if necessary, delaying self-gratification for the good of the group.

The Splendid Days Enrichment Program environment provides time and activities to allow your child to develop his individuality and self-exploration and also to learn how to use her skills in interpersonal relationships. Our program is designed to promote developing kindness, integrity, sociability and conflict resolution skills while exploring and developing academic skills.