Stewart Music Curriculum
By providing musical experiences, children learn to appreciate music, but also develop all of the types of intelligence that lie within their minds and bodies.

This year in music the students will experience beat and rhythm, the primary musical area  that corresponds to their studies of Early Man in History.  Sounds or noises can become music when they are put into some kind of pattern.  What are vibrations?  All will be included in the study of music.

We will work with the hands-on materials on the shelves in the classroom.  Review the instruments that make up an orchestra, and continue the work with the Montessori Bells.  Our study of the music of great composers will carry on.  The older students will become better acquainted with the recorders, and increase their understanding of “reading” music.

We will work on various musical productions for presentation to parents and the community, thus allowing the children to increase their confidence in performance before a crowd.